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How many coats do you apply & how long will it last?

We receive this question a lot, where other companies claim to apply three coats of the same sealer we use at the same price we charge.

To give you an idea if they're apply three coats at the right ratio mix the cost of sealer alone won't be covered if you add in cleaning products, sand for your joints, gas to get to the job sites and labor. Forget the normal business overhead cost and paying office staff!

Most likely what they're doing is add more water than product. Water based products, at the contractor level, is NOT pre-mixed. It is a 50/50 recommendation (product to water ratio). With the normal two coat system one 5-gallon bucket on average will get you about 750-800square feet UNLESS it's been sealed regularly and is maintained like it should be then you can typically get around 900-1000square feet per 5-gallon bucket (hints why Gorilla is able to offer discounts on reseals done when they should be)!

Gorilla offers to add a third coat at a fee which just covers the cost of the product alone. Not the additional labor in applying it or anything else, just the cost in product!

Gorilla has sat back for the past 16 years quietly and allowed other companies to slander our name, advising homeowners we cheat the product and the list goes on and on. Not anymore, with our business being passed down to the next generation in line, she's decided to speak out and air the "dirty laundry" of the sealing industry. With that being said Gorilla's flat rate pricing includes two full coats of sealer at the recommendation of the manufacture. How long will it last? Honestly NO ONE can predict this. It varies based off upkeep, hardscape type, environmental conditions, substrate conditions/issues and so much more. If anyone claims it will last 3 years they are lying to you.

NOW - per the manufacture it will last up to three years to some capacity WITHIN the pores of your hardscape and this is where companies will get you.

I don't know about you, I'm glad the inside of my hardscape is protected BUT I want to know about the surface life. That is what Gorilla focuses on!

The sealer will start to wear off the surface (where you'll notice it) roughly between 14-20 months and typically will be almost gone from the "surface" between 24-26 months. (If you went with a natural finish you won't be able to see this). This doesn't mean there is no sealer left it's just not on the surface which means your hardscape surface is no longer being protected but the layers underneath still are!

A third coat, done properly will typically get you an additional 6-10 months of surface protection and life on your hardscape. Again, if you do not keep it maintained throughout the periods, have substrate draining issues or have other companies come out who "pressure wash" or treat the sealed hardscape...All of this can cause the sealer to break down faster. Hardscape that is covered will last longer than those with no protection from the harsh Florida sun. Pool decks tend to last longer than driveways due to usage and lack of hot tires being driven on them.

Long story short - no one can predict how long it will truly last. BUT top sealers will leave your hardscape looking great for at least the first 14-20 months before you start to notice its fade (as long as they're maintained)!


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