Driveway Sealing

The advanced water based sealers developed for hardscaping do an amazing long lasting job sealing driveways; much better then the tradional sealers sold at the local hardware store.  Prevents mold, restores color and protects brick and paver driveways from water damage.

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In Central Florida pavers that are not sealed will fade due to weather and they will stain due to normal use and car traffic.  Sealing insures that your pavers remain as beautiful in the future as they were when they were new.  Sealing offers a variety of benefits including enhancing the color of your pavers, protecting them from the weather, stabilizes joints, helps prevent weeds and allows for easier maintenance.


Trust your property to Cenral Flordia's leading Paver Specialist - Gorilla Paver Sealing Solutions.



million sq/ft 

sealed since 2007

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A Gorilla techician will schedule a no obligation in-home estimate. We will evaluate the condition of your pavers, potential repairs, and the best sealing solution. Gorilla will provide a written estimate for your sealing project. 

Sealing Day

Gorilla will work with you to schedule a convient day for your project. All patio or pool furnature will need to be moved from the area to be sealed. Most jobs are finished in 1-day (weather permitting). Patios can be used after 24 hours and driveways after 48 hours. 

Step 1: Cleaning Pavers

Gorilla uses a specially designed industrial grade pressure washing system which incorporates up to 4500 PSI and hot water up to 220 degrees to deep clean the pavers prior to sealing. 

Removing most latent staining & dirt.


Step 2: Sanding Joints

Once the pavers have been completely cleaned, sand is both dry swept and wet sanded into the expansion joints (cracks) to help stabilize the pavers.  This is a critical step, as the sand keeping the pavers from shifting and holds them level.



Step 3: Sealer coat #1

The first "flood" coat of sealer is applied. This heavy coat of sealer is absorbed deep into the pavers and sand joints. The sealer "locks" in the sand to stabilize your pavers for years to come. 

Step 4: Sealer Coat #2

The final "finish" coat of sealer is then applied to give you paver that natural shine and luster that brings our beauty of your pool, patio or driveway.