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Once this process has begun there are only three real options:

Option A: Replace the Pavers 

This option is very expensive, disruptive due to the construction process and in many cases simply not feasible. Don't consider replacing your pavers until after a free consultation from Gorilla Paver Sealing Solutions!

Option B: Wait for the sealer to wear off

This is typically very time consuming. Depending on the type of sealer and how much was applied it can take anywhere from 3-10+ years to completely wear off. ***please note most nano, impregnating or permanently bonding sealers can NOT be stripped off!

Option C: Save hassle, time and money with a Gorilla Restoration!

Let Gorilla restore your pavers using our propriety restoration process and premium water based sealers which will never whiten or turn hazy! 

Before Gorilla Restoration

**after photo is below!

Email for a Quote today!

A Gorilla technician will schedule a no obligation in-home estimate. We will evaluate the condition of your pavers, potential repairs, and the best sealing solution. Gorilla will provide a written estimate for your sealing project while on-site and within 24 business hours you'll receive an electronic estimate from our updated system allowing you to review everything in more depth & electronically accept.

Gorilla obtain a new software system which, once you "approve" and sign your estimate will send notifications to your email (and text if you opt in). You'll receive booking confirmation (if you need to reschedule you'll receive a notification for the new date you selected) as well as a reminder 5 days and 1 day prior to your appointment!


Before Gorilla Restoration

**after photo is below!

Prepping for Service

Gorilla will work with you to schedule a convenient day for your project.
What do you need to do for the day of sealing?
You will need to have furniture, pots, plants or anything else moved off the hardscape being serviced prior to our arrival.

You do not need to be home while we're working, but if you're not please make sure we have access to the hardscape (ex. gates unlocked), access to a working water spicket for us to hook up to and if you're not paying online please make sure the check is left on site for our technicians to collect!

****PLEASE NOTE the majority of restorations are a minimum of a two day process. It will vary based on size as well as how bad the current situation is!


Before Gorilla Restoration

**after photo is below!

Day 1

Gorilla uses a specially designed industrial grade pressure washing system which incorporates up to 4500 PSI and hot water up to 220 degrees to deep clean the pavers prior to sealing. 

Removing most latent staining & dirt. Additional proprietary steps remove old sealer, tough stains and film. 

During the first day we will apply our special blend of eco-friendly strippers to the pavers & then allow it ample time to work. Once it's ready (anywhere from 15-30 minutes after application) we will use our surface cleaner to start stripping away the existing sealer. ***This process may need to be repeated multiple times. Gorilla only guarantees to remove the existing sealer from the surface level & joint areas.

Once we're satisfied with all sealer removed we will deep clean. If we have time we will sand this day (if it's a small area or "light restoration" we may be able to complete all steps in one day!


Sanding (start of Day 2)

If this wasn't completed in day 1....

Once the pavers have been completely cleaned, sand is mainly wet sanded into the expansion joints (cracks) to help stabilize the pavers. Gorilla only follows the ICPI specifications. This is a critical step, as the sand keeping the pavers from shifting and holds them level.

Please note any pieces along a drain line or outer edge which do not have a boarder will not hold sand at the appropriate levels.

If there is any substrate issues underneath, the joints will not hold the sand. We typically do not know these issues until during the process.
***We receive a lot of questions about videos of "dry" sanding. Most of these videos are based on using polymeric sand which Gorilla does not use.



Sealer Application

Gorilla applies two coats of sealer (in the finish you elected). The first coat is what we call the flood coat. It's a heavy coating which saturates the pavers and joints. This coat will lock down the sand & mainly seep into the pores of your pavers.

The second coat is our "finish" coat which will soak in a little, but mainly stays on the surface of the pavers.

Gorilla strictly abides by the manufactures recommendation for mixing. We often get asked, well the other company states they put three coats! Please do not let this confuse you. Gorilla offers an additional coat which can extend the sealer life on the surface by 6-10 months but most companies, if they're using the same product, are cutting the ratio which is actually providing you with less product and more water!

Final Touches

Gorilla's final step is to check over everything to ensure it's perfect!

We will put up caution tape if the hardscape isn't enclosed.

You'll receive an invoice from our system mainly for your records. If you elected for online payment this is when you can pay online.

Once it's paid (or the check is back in the office) you'll receive an receipt.

Within 3-4 days our system will send a thank you email and ask if you'd like more information on our maintenance programs as well as for reviews!

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