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“Gorilla guys are the hardest working men I have ever seen.  The next morning my wife and I were hesitant to have our hopes set too high.  We opened the curtains overlooking the pool deck.  Wow…Fantastic… Great…. We were ecstatic.  It has been only a few months but the comments we get from friends and guests is amazing.  Mr. March not only has the work ethic, the desire, and the skills to do the job more importantly he has as his shirt says (quality through pride).  He has saved us thousands of dollars.


Dr. Thomas T.                                                       Travertine Restoration, Tampa FL


“John March of Gorilla Pavers, whom I call my guardian angel of sealing.  My husband is very ill with cancer and we are in the process of selling our home.  The original paver installer left us with work unfinished and a sealing job that makes it hard to show our home.  The first time I contacted Mr. March on the phone he assured now that he was aware of our situation that I no longer needed to worry about our pavers.  He said he would take care of everything-and he did.  I can’t tell you what a relief I felt for his assurance and kindness.  He treated us with respect and care.  He is our champion in trying to resolve our paver issue.  Mr. March’s professionalism is a shining example of how every industry wants to be perceived but few merit his praise.”


Kathy K.                                                                Paver Restoration, Polk County, FL


“We would like to thank you and your helpers for a job well done.   We are both very pleased with the look of the pavers and believe they will stay that way for a long time to come.  We couldn’t be happier and will certainly recommend your services to anyone who asks.”


Vince S.                                                                Paver Restoration, Orlando, FL

“John , I don’t often write to express my gratitude as I believe that by hiring a professional it is their job to meet my expectations.  Meeting expectations and going far above are two different things.  When you made room on your busy schedule to clean and seal our pool deck for our large party on July 4th I was very pleased.  You did a great job and the results were fantastic.  What I didn’t expect was that the large smoker we were using to feed our guest would be turned over by the rental company.  This meant that our freshly sealed pavers were now full of grease.  When I called you for advice on how to clean the pavers I never expected your response.  You simply told me not to worry about my pavers and that you would be out in a few days to clean up the mess.  You came out the very next day and spent hours cleaning up the mess.  Unfortunately I have to take my family to the Airport and was not here when you finished.  Upon my return I couldn’t believe how great everything looked.  You re-cleaned my entire pool deck and the huge grease spot was gone.  When I asked how much this was going to cost your response further explains why you are so well respected and your services are in such demand.  You told me that it is all part of your commitment to your customers and that I didn’t owe you a penny.  I owe you far more than a penny.  My expectations were to find a good contractor instead I found a great one.  Thank you and I will certainly recommend your services at every opportunity


Bruce T.                                                   Clean and Seal New Pavers, Clearwater, FL

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