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In Florida, Travertine which is not sealed will fade (or look chalky) due to weather and will stain due to normal use and car traffic.  Many people do not realize that Travertine is susceptible to the same fading, staining, wear and weather issues like pavers are. Sealing helps protect your significant financial investment in your beautiful Travertine tile. Sealing your Travertine tile drastically enhances it’s color and brilliance. Below for some great pictures from local Lakeland, Tampa and Orlando homes.  Trust your property to Central Florida's leading Travertine Specialist - Gorilla Paver Sealing Solutions.

Email for a Quote Today!

A Gorilla technician will schedule a no obligation in-home estimate. We will evaluate the condition of your pavers, potential repairs, and the best sealing solution. Gorilla will provide a written estimate for your sealing project while on-site and within 24 business hours you'll receive an electronic estimate from our updated system allowing you to review everything in more depth & electronically accept.

Gorilla obtain a new software system which, once you "approve" and sign your estimate will send notifications to your email (and text if you opt in). You'll receive booking confirmation (if you need to reschedule you'll receive a notification for the new date you selected) as well as a reminder 5 days and 1 day prior to your appointment!

Sealing Day

Gorilla will work with you to schedule a convenient day for your project.
What do you need to do for the day of sealing?
You will need to have furniture, pots, plants or anything else moved off the hardscape being serviced prior to our arrival.

You do not need to be home while we're working, but if you're not please make sure we have access to the hardscape (ex. gates unlocked), access to a working water spicket for us to hook up to and if you're not paying online please make sure the check is left on site for our technicians to collect!


Cleaning & Prepping

Gorilla uses a specially designed industrial grade pressure washing system which incorporates up to 4500 PSI and a surface cleaner to deep clean your hardscape. We will use hot water as needed.

Gorilla will treat stains as needed mainly using products made by ICT which will not cause a chemical reaction with the sealer (this is important since harsh chemicals can cause a reaction with most sealers even once the sealer has dried)!

ALL travertine, fire-stone must be prepped after cleaning. There is a specific product which must be applied during the cleaning process which preps the stone allowing the sealer to bond with the surface. If this is not done sealer will peel or flake from the surface!



Sanding Joints

Once the stone has been completely cleaned & prepped, sand is mainly wet sanded into the expansion joints (cracks) to help stabilize the pavers. Gorilla only follows the ICPI specifications. This is a critical step, as the sand keeping the pavers from shifting and holds them level.

Please note any pieces along a drain line or outer edge which do not have a boarder will not hold sand at the appropriate levels.

If there is any substrate issues underneath, the joints will not hold the sand. We typically do not know these issues until during the process.
***We receive a lot of questions about videos of "dry" sanding. Most of these videos are based on using polymeric sand which Gorilla does not use.



Sealer application

Gorilla applies the sealer (in the finish you elected). The first coat is what we call the flood coat. It's a heavy coating which saturates the stone and joints.

With most stone Gorilla elects to hand roll the sealer while broadcasting an anti-slick additive.

Sealing stone will cause it to be more slick than it normally is. Due to this & for liability reasons, Gorilla automatically applies the recommended amount to all stone surfaces. It is finer than sand, won't be seen, but will be felt if you walk barefoot across the surface. We do not automatically apply it to pool coping. If you would like it also on the coping, just advise us and we'll add it, but it will snag bathing suites!

If you do NOT want this, Gorilla requires a waiver prior to scheduling!

Final Steps

Gorilla's final step is to check over everything to ensure it's perfect!

We will put up caution tape if the hardscape isn't enclosed.

You'll receive an invoice from our system mainly for your records. If you elected for online payment this is when you can pay online.

Once it's paid (or the check is back in the office) you'll receive an receipt.

Within 3-4 days our system will send a thank you email and ask if you'd like more information on our maintenance programs as well as for reviews!

For professionals only!  We recommend using extreme caution when selecting a professional to seal your Travertine. Although the basic process is similar to paver sealing, specific experience and expertise is required to successfully seal the more delicate travertine (stone) tiles. Further correcting mistakes is extremely costly and sometimes impossible due to tile matching issues. Gorilla recommends avoiding "nano-based or impregnating sealers" on these services. If things go wrong a restoration will NOT correct the issue leaving with you two options! REPLACE the stone or live with how it looks!

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