Driveway Sealing

The advanced water based sealers developed for hardscaping do an amazing long lasting job sealing driveways; much better then the tradional sealers sold at the local hardware store.  Prevents mold, restores color and protects brick and paver driveways from water damage.

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Paver and travertine sealing FAQ


Gorilla is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. We are one of the only companies in the Florida and the country that specialize 100% in paver and travertine sealing.  We provide the following FAQ to make sure homeowners and property managers have honest factual information.  You may also want to read our artical on dealing with cloudy pavers at  "Restoring Cloudy Pavers".


Why do I need to seal my Pavers?


You have chosen to beautify your property by having pavers installed in your Central Florida Home.  You have spent time and effort in deciding what style of pavers, what colors, and choosing a professional installer.  Not to mention the financial cost of your investment.  Pavers that are not sealed will fade due to weather and they will stain due to normal foot and car traffic.  Sealing insures that your pavers remain as beautiful in the future as they were when they were new.  Sealing offers a verity of benefits including enhancing the color of your pavers, protecting them from the weather, reducing the harm from staining and allowing for easier maintenance. Sealing enhances the beauty of your home regardless if you live in Tampa, Lakeland or Orlando.

Why do I need a Professional to Seal my Pavers?


As with any service, professionals have the experience and expertise to provide the level of expectation.  Most residential and commercial customers do not have the special equipment necessary to achieve the results that can be provided by our team at Gorilla ECS LLC.  You have chosen to commit your hard earned financial resources to having pavers installed, now allow our team to keep your pavers looking they way you imagined for many years to come.  As with all professions it is advisable to check trade and client references.  Gorilla ECS is both proud and privileged to provide references for both commercial and residential customers

What type of Sealer does Gorilla ECS use?


As a company whose mission statement is to provide the very highest quality we use in our option the very best sealers on the market.  These products provide us the assurance and faith that the end result will exceed our customers’ expectations and that the final look is both beautiful and long lasting.  We always us the best sealer for each customers specific situation; include our propretary GorillaArmor Sealer  or other premium water based sealers.  We are always improving our own formulation and testing the latest products on the market to ensure our customers best the best product.

I had my pavers sealed previously but they now look cloudy white?


Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence when either the application of the sealer or the type of sealer used was not applied correctly.  In most cases the whitening, cloudiness or cracking is due to moisture being trapped under the existing sealer.  This is especially a problem in Central Florida locations like Tampa and Orlando. Once this process has begun there are only two real options to solve the problem.  The first is to have the pavers replaced.  This option is very expensive and in most cases simply not feasible.  The second option is to have the pavers “stripped” and have the paver resealed using the Gorilla ECS designated product.  The process of stripping and restoring the pavers is one that very few professional sealers will even attempt and even fewer have the knowledge and expertise to perform.  At Gorilla ECS we specialize in Paver Restoration and can achieve a final result that will exceed our customers’ expectations.

There a many different water based sealers on the market which is the best one? 


In the last 5 years a number of new water based sealer products have come to market - some good some not so good. This is good news for property owners, as the good products continue to enhance their formulations for improved hardscape protection.  As the leading paver sealing company in Florida, we are continuously testing new products as they come to market.  What has become clear to us is that the different sealer formulations perform differently depending on the specific application.  The porousness of the paver, the moisture in the application area, the amount of foot or vehicle traffic all affect the decision we make on what sealer to use on each specific project.    So unfortunately, Gorilla cannot provide a single recommendation to the question of what the best sealer is, since it depends on the conditions for each project.