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Our Quality Guarantee

So what is a guarantee? It is a promise to stand behind a service or product. But that promise is only as good as the company who provides it. In essence, it is a piece of paper with that promise. Gorilla is owned by a former US Marine and "Old School" mentality. Yes, we are a company and have thousands of customers to back up our reputation. That said our guarantee is a man's promise when he shakes your hand. Our workmanship is guaranteed 100%, period! If anything is not correct, we fix it! 

Gorilla ECS  (dba Gorilla Paver Sealing Solutions) Sealing Warranty

Gorilla Clean warrants our sealing applications against defects in our workmanship and material failure (peeling, turning yellow, cracking) for one year from the sealing service date. If any of these happen Gorilla Clean will come back out, at no cost to the client and fix the issue. 

This warranty is VOID if the pavers have been previously sealed by another person/company!

This warranty does not include damages caused by failure of previous coatings, failure of the substrate or damage caused by customer neglect or abuse. Efflorescence is also not covered, but is sometimes covered by your builder or install contractor. Efflorescence is a natural occurring process in which white haze may appear on the surface of your hardscape, which is caused by water soluble calcium oxide or lime which rises to the surface after repeated water saturation (for example rain or sprinklers). This does not affect the integrity of the hardscape and will usually resolve itself over time and exposure to elements. 

Having your hardscape properly sealed and with the right products can either postpone or completely stop the process due to the moisture protection properties of sealing. However, this warranty is not to state or imply efflorescence will not happen as a result of the sealing process. 

In addition some hardscapes are placed over heavily moisture ridden substratum (typically due to improper drainage) which can cause the hardscape to retain moisture and produce a cloud like appearance on the surface, underneath the sealer. Only proper drainage can correct this issue and it is NOT the responsibility of Gorilla Clean. Gorilla Clean has been using the same water-based products from ICT since 2015 which does not cause a cloud like appear after proper sealing. 

This warranty is also void if client/homeowner has another company or personally treats the hardscape. This includes but is not limited to: power-washing, bug treatments, any cleaning chemicals released onto the sealed hardscape by another company, etc. Harsh chemicals can cause a chemical reaction with sealers which can in turn make the sealer appear haze, white, splotchy, etc. Having the hardscape pressure-washed can etch the sealer as well which will help it break down faster than normal.

The client also understands sealing is only as good as the quality and conditions of the hardscape being sealed. Gorilla Clean does not make any claims or implications that we can remove all stains prior to sealing. Gorilla Clean does treat all stains found on your hardscape, but does NOT guarantee 100% removal. We make every attempt as possible, but some items such as oil, paint, efflorescence, rust are deep into the pores which makes them near impossible to completely remove without harming the surface of your hardscape.

Gorilla ECS does not make claims as to how long the sealer will last. Each hardscape type, condition, environmental surroundings, property maintenance and substratum are different. All of these will affect your hardscapes outcome and ability to retain sealer. On average the sealer will start to break down on the surface level between 12-18 months. According to the manufacture the sealer will last to some capacity within the hardscapes pores for up to three years. Sealing can cause some hardscape types to become slick, Gorilla ECS is not responsible and does not accept any liability for any slips, trips, injuries, accidents and so forth after the sealing process is performed. 

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