Driveway Sealing

The advanced water based sealers developed for hardscaping do an amazing long lasting job sealing driveways; much better then the tradional sealers sold at the local hardware store.  Prevents mold, restores color and protects brick and paver driveways from water damage.

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Gorilla Paver Sealing Solutions provides the highest quality hardscape (pavers, travertine, concrete) sealing and restoration service to commercial and residential customers throughout Central Florida.  We use only the finest water based sealers that protect and beautify your property.  Call or email us today to schedule a free estimate

Protect your investment! In addition to bringing out the natural luster and beauty of your Paver and Travertine hardscaping, sealing is necessary to stablize the sand joints and prevent sun and erosion damage.  Sealed pavers do not retain moisture which inhibet mold and mildew groth.


Gorilla Sealing Process 


Unfortunately, previously sealed pavers sometimes turn cloudy or white due to moisture in being trapped under the existing sealer. Once this process has begun there are only two real options:

Replace the pavers (costly!)


Gorilla Paver Restoration 


Gorilla only uses premimum water based low VOC eco friendly sealers, that will never turn cloudy or white. Fortuneatly, there are ongoing enhancements to formulations of the latest sealers; Gorilla is constantly testing the latest products to bring our customers the best solution. 

Authorized Installer 

Certified Technicians


"We opened the curtains overlooking the pool deck.  Wow…Fantastic… Great…. We were ecstatic."  


Dr. Thomas T.    Travertine, Tampa FL  

"Gorilla Pavers, whom I call my guardian angel of sealing. The original paver installer left us with work unfinished and a sealing job that makes it hard to show our home.   Gorilla treated us with respect and is our champion in trying to resolve our paver issue."  

Kathy K.Paver Restoration, Polk County, FL 

 "I don’t often write to express my gratitude as I believe that by hiring a professional it is their job to meet my expectations.  Meeting expectations and going far above are two different things.  When you made room on your busy schedule to clean and seal our pool deck for our large party on July 4th I was very pleased.  You did a great job and the results were fantastic.  

Bruce T.      Orlando, FL