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Gorilla Paver Sealing Solutions provides the highest quality hardscape (pavers, travertine, concrete) sealing and restoration service to commercial and residential customers throughout Central Florida.  We use only the finest water based sealers that protect and beautify your property.  Text or Email us today to schedule a free estimate
Gorilla is NOT  a franchise and we have one office located in Auburndale, FL. There are others who have used our name or claim to be like a "sister" company. Gorilla ECS is not associated with any other sealing companies nor do we hire "subcontractors"!

Protect your investment!
In addition to bringing out the natural beauty of your paver, travertine or stone hardscape, sealing is necessary to stabilize the sand joints, help prevent sun and erosion damage, help keep stains on the surface & make the cleaning process easier when mold, pollen, water rust stains, and more present themselves.  

Gorilla specifically uses UreSeal H2O series and other premium water-based sealer manufactured by ICT in Lakeland, FL! We've been using their sealers exclusively since 2014


Gorilla Sealing Process 



Unfortunately, not all sealers are made the same and not all applications are done properly. If your hardscape has been previously sealed and start to turn cloudy or white most of the time it's due to two things:
1. Application error

2. Wrong type of sealer was applied & moister is trapped under the sealer (typically latex, solvent & xylene-based sealers).
Once this process has begun there are only three real options:

Replace the pavers (costly!),

Wait for it to wear off (5-10years)


Gorilla Restoration 


Concrete cool-seal & waterproofing

Gorilla also offers cool-seal in an array of colors (and color matching) and concrete water-proofing.

These products are also manufacture by ICT

Cool-seal H2O is like a paint applied over existing concrete to give a color of your choosing and help keep the temperature cooler. In the Florida heat we could all enjoy it being a little cooler while splashing the pool!
Water-proofing on the other hand will not enhance the concrete, but will bead up water, oil, etc. on the surface while not allowing it to penetrate into the pores on the surface of your concrete!

Gorilla only uses premimum water based low VOC eco friendly sealers, that will never turn cloudy or white. Fortuneatly, there are ongoing enhancements to formulations of the latest sealers; Gorilla is constantly testing the latest products to bring our customers the best solution. 

Authorized Installer 

Certified Technicians

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